Whenever someone talks about inflatable hot tubs, Intex is definitely the first brand that comes in mind. Easy on the wallet, durable, and user-friendly, inflatable hot tubs from Intex have stood the test of time and users.
Intex hot tubs are perfect for those who want to spend some quality time catching up with friends, their significant other, or even by themselves who may want to de-stress after a hard day at the office or school.
Intex offers a wide range of inflatable hot tubs that come in various sizes, perfect for http://inflatablehottubcenter.com/ a couple of friends and even your family for some much needed staycation or some fun under the sun and stars.
However, unlike other inflatable hot tub brands, Intex only offers their hot tubs in one color: light brown, taupe, or tan.

Intex offers 2 inflatable hot tubs, one that’s 77 inches and one that’s 85 inches (again, their inflatable hot tubs only come in one color), these hot tubs have built-in hard water treatment meaning it makes the water gentler on your skin, the package also includes an insulated cover that you can use to cover your inflatable hot tub when not in use or while waiting for the water to heat up, the insulated cover is also an added safety feature for your hot tub as this can prevent your children or debris from going into your hot tub.
The Intex PureSpa line also includes 2 easy to refill filter cartridges for that clean and refreshing spa experience, both inflatable hot tubs also include everything you need to have your own hot tub at home, water test kits, chemicals, a thermal ground cloth that will help your hot tub retain its warmth especially during colder days.
You may also purchase additional accessories for your inflatable hot tub such as headrests, beverage holders, submersible lights and even speakers, to add more flair to your inflatable hot tub for some much deserved relaxation time.
In fact, these hot tubs from Intex can be setup anywhere in your home, you may even surround it with inflatable seats or build an enclosure or gazebo around it to make your own exclusive relaxation space.
Another great thing about these inflatable hot tubs is that you can take it with you anywhere or move it around your house in case it rains or you have other plans for that certain area in your house.

These inflatable hot tubs are made from high quality materials that are puncture-proof, in fact, it can even withstand repeated uses as long as proper care and maintenance is done regularly.
(How often you use your inflatable hot tub and who uses your inflatable are among the factors that will determine how often you should clean your inflatable hot tub.)
Inflatable hot tubs are easy to set up by yourself but remember to read and follow the owner’s manual when setting it up in your home.
Be sure to buy extra filters for your hot tub as you need to replace them once in awhile, although not often as you can clean your filter by washing it on your sink, running your hose over it or simply putting it in your dishwasher.