Maybe you’re just going to look at accountant as a possible career, or you have been en accountant for years. It’s important to know the exactly accountant salary you can and should be earning. We are here to give you some information. If you want to work with a decent income, one of the most popular jobs preferred by newly-graduated students is the accountant position. As a matter of fact, the average accounting salary ranges from $34,000 up to $59,000. This is based on the figures given during 2012.

Basically, the salary of an accountant differs depending on various factors. One of the vital factors which are often considered to determine the is by looking at the education you attained and your level of experience on the field. Aside from having a decent income, what makes the job of accountant very ideal is that there are companies that offer some benefit packages to some accountants. Usually, the benefit package may offer you with health insurance and others. This is based on the information gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States.

The following are the factors that need to be taken into consideration to determine the salary of an accountant, whether it is the account manager salary, or account executive salary, or account coordinator salary or salary.

1. Education – typically, accountants have attained some type of degree in college. As stated by PayScale, the average accounting salary range if those accountants who have attained a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA on accounting is between $36,000 to $51,600 while those who have earned a master’s degree on Business Administration will naturally enjoy a competitive salary range Between $39,000 to $54,000.

2. Experience – The next vital factor that you have to consider when hiring accountant is the experience. The salary of an accountant may be lower when he or she only has a few months of experience on working. The lowest salary range for accountants has a range of $34,000 to $44,000. But if you have attained one to four years of experience, then you can expect to receive a salary ranges between $36,000 to $48,000.Remember that the greater experience you have, the higher the salary range you can earn.

3. Type of Employer – You must understand that working as an accountant can differ based on the company you work for. Working as an accountant for general businesses or companies has a higher salary range compared to working for nonprofit groups or organizations. But accountants also can work for the government to Get bookkeeper. But if you wish to receive a higher salary, then, you need to work as an accountant for federal government. Federal governments usually offer greater salary than those working for local and state governments.

4. Location – If you wish to find out the salary offered by a certain company, you must put emphasis first on the location and its influence on determining the salary level or potential of a certain accountant.

5. Industry – Of course, is also based on the industry which you chose to specialize in. If you are hired as accountant on large accounting or auditing firms, the usual accountant salary range that you can received falls from $42,000 to $50,000. This is according to the facts gathered as of July 2012.