Because of the simplicity of the crossbow, more and more people have picked up this versatile weapon with the hopes of making it big in the Olympics someday or for the thrill of the hunt, and like any sport and hobby, hunting with a crossbow is serious business.
However, while using a crossbow looks easy enough, it does pose some serious issues especially for those who have not used a crossbow before, yet like most weapons, one can easily become adept and even master it with continuous practice.
Yet, it isn’t just through practice does one becomes an expert with the crossbow, if you haven’t held a crossbow before, you’re bound to have questions such as: How do you pull the string back? How does one load a crossbow properly? Where should you hunt? Are you allowed to use a crossbow in your state? And many other questions.
So here are some tips that will help you perfect your accuracy and help you get better at hunting:

Check with Federal and State Regulations: Remember that a crossbow is classified as a weapon and this means you need to obtain a license for your crossbow and to hunt, rules regarding hunting differ from state to state, while you may be allowed to hunt in your state, this may prove otherwise in a different state such as, a crossbow may be illegal while a rifle isn’t. Besides the legality of using a crossbow for hunting, some states may not allow you to hunt certain animals, so make sure to check with your local hunting or wildlife center before charging into the woods.

Wear The Proper Attire: While hunting may seem like a form of extreme grocery shopping, one can’t simply throw a pair of jeans, a vest, and a pair of sneakers, pick up their crossbow, and head to the woods to bring home dinner. Even if you go for a quick and casual hunt, it’s best to be equipped with all the necessities you need to take your game down; you wouldn’t want to butt heads (or antlers) with your target and go home without pants now would you?

Check Your Equipment: There are several factors for a hunt to be successful, perhaps one of the most important is the state of your weapon, a well-kept crossbow isn’t simply having it primed and tuned, it consists of several things such as replacing the strings, making sure your shooting platform is stable and not wobbly or missing a leg or two or perhaps even simply having enough gas in your vehicle. Hunting is much more than a hobby, it is also a way of life for many so it’s better to be properly equipped at all times.

Hunting is a Way of Life: Despite the common notion that hunting should only be done during certain seasons, you shouldn’t retire your crossbow and pick it up again after a few months or up to a year. Familiarise yourself with the hunting cycles of other animals even though they aren’t your favorite things to hunt, this makes you proficient with your crossbow especially in terms of accuracy.